East Sussex NEC Supervisor & Clerk of Works

Wessex Site Inspection have established a long-standing reputation in the South of the UK, providing clients with unmatched value on projects from small refurbishments to 8-figure developments.

Available Services In East Sussex

Quality Control Inspections

Visual checks of materials in use and workmanship standards are assessed on site against the requirements as set out in the project specifications.

Defects & Observations

WSI has a system in place to monitor the closing out of defects and observations made to the Contractor by our inspectors.

Pre-Completion (Snagging)

WSI can produce and track schedules of defects / snags towards the end of the contract to identify items/areas of concern prior to handover.

Site Monitoring​

By regularly recording site activities along with weather, site conditions and labour levels, we can provide historic information that can be utilised to resolve disputes and help settle claims.

Progress Against Programme

By tracking progress against the Contractors programme, we record an independent view of the percentage completion of each activity. This helps highlight any activity that WSI believe to be behind schedule.

Test Witness Tracker

A schedule is maintained by our inspectors on any testing of materials and systems on each site. Any failures or non-conformances are highlighted direct to the Contractor and also contained within our weekly reports.

Anthony C • Covering East Sussex

Anthony is one of the newest members of the WSI team, bringing a wealth of experience in the construction industry to utilise on projects in East Sussex and beyond.

Specialist Team

The WSI team are all from a technical or practical background, and are able to use many years of culminated experience to best effect.

Cost Effective

Especially in the current climate, undertaking rigorous quality checks and monitoring is essential to ensure value for money to the client.


Fully loaded PDF reports are circulated weekly to project team members, ensuring full transparency and increasing accountability on-site.

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