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Wessex Site Inspection was initially formed from within the National Health Service in 1992. The team of building and services engineering staff were responsible for the inspection and monitoring of hospital projects within the South and South-West of England.
In 1997, WSI broke away from the NHS and became a Limited Company. This breakaway allowed the team to provide services to not only the NHS, but also to other Clients including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Police Fire & Rescue, and Private Developers. Since becoming a privately run practice WSI has been involved with over 750 projects across the South of England.





All Wessex Site Inspection staff are experienced personnel who have spent much of their working life in the construction industry. They are able to demonstrate knowledge of acceptable building & workmanship practices, interpret and understand Contract documents and advise where standards or performance are not being met.
Above all our aim is to look after our Clients best interests and this can only be achieved by providing an adaptable Site Inspection service which tailors to our Clients exact requirements.

Providing NEC Supervisor and CoW Services

Covering Mid to South England with an experienced team of specialists

Steve Pollock

Managing Director

Today it is true that many contractors are professional in their approach and, owing to strict internal audits, maintain a high standard of operations. However, although it is often the case that a QA registered contractor can boast of a well managed paperwork system, the same is not always true when it comes to supervising the works out on site.
Engaging an independent site inspector has long been an established way for clients to have a representative visit their site to record events, monitor building quality and oversee conformance to the contract documents. This role on many projects has been seen as essential, especially when disputes arise and the records from an independent third party can be used as a factual and unbiased source of information.

The benefits of engaging a Clerk Of Works/Site Inspector are well documented. But the ability to engage a multi-disciplinary team of expertise such as exists in WSI Ltd, is quite unique.

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